Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

We are a digital marketing agency based in Los Angles County. Our vision is to be able to help local or small businesses to get the most visibility to as many potential prospects as possible. We have many marketing services that can help all types of companies.

Digital Consultancy

We have highly experienced digital marketing consultants that are motivated to thrive to show results.

Brand Marketing

A brand name is important for any companies. Our goal is to not only promote our client's brand but also strengthen that social proof in order to help our partner get to the next level of their business goals.

Performance Monitoring

We closely monitor performances so our clients know exactly the amazing impact that our services are working as intended.

Traffic Analytic

Traffic analytic allows us to optimize the weakness our any marketing strategies. Having this data will let us scale up with our marketing tactics.

Conversion Optimization

Traffic is important but the crucial factor will always be conversion rate. There is no point of increasing traffic to the site without also having a good conversion rate. We work tirelessly to increase that aspect of marketing.

Social Tracking

One of the most effective ways to be the best is to understand the competition. We make sure that we will always a few steps ahead of the game by evaluating our competitors all the time.

Performance Monitoring Tool

Tools used by Social Media Agency

Any highly skilled digital marketing agency require tools to maximize the efficiency of marketing strategies. There are a lot of different tools out there that can be used to assist digital marketer in achieving results for clients. There are tools for keyword research, tools for audit websites and there even tools to spy on the backend of any sites. Google also has some fantastic free tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console that we highly recommend anyone with a website should set those up. However, a lot of these tools are costly for the average person to purchase; that is why digital marketing agencies like us are specialized in making the process easier.

Digital Marketing Agency Audit Processes

Now, a website audit is an important early task for a digital marketing agency to tackle. The technique to do an audit is different for each agency. The amount of details and work going into performing an audit is tremendous. That is why many agencies charge a few hundred dollars to conduct an audit. The price can go up high depending on how big is the website.

Some tools could help decrease the time it takes to do a thorough audit, but manual reviews is still a must to double check these tools’ results. There is no easy way to perform an accurate audit.

Our agency does provide a high-level audit for free. This will address some significant issues that a lot of websites have, but people are neglecting the problems. If you’re interested, please request a free audit from now.